Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning service is unique to meet each clients needs.  Some typical duties include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Trash removal
  • Cleaning of restrooms and break rooms
  • Glass cleaning
  • Dusting of desks and furnature
  • Floor care
  • Deep cleaning when needed

Our rates for commercial cleaning are slightly higher than we charge for house cleaning.  We are always fair, honest and do not run gimmicks on pricing.  We stand by our work and our reputation means everything to us.  The price difference is explained below.  It is a common misconception that a house cleaner is the same as an office cleaner.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Commercial cleaning is completely different from our residential(house) cleaning service.  Traffic in and out of rooms is much higher and occupancy more congested.  Commercial buildings are  designed to withstand these rigors and need special tools and techniques to properly keep them clean.  The single biggest mistake a business owner or office manager can make regarding building maintenance is neglecting routine cleaning.  I hope to explain why this is on this page.



Lets start with the difference in vacuums.  The vacuums you find at department stores are much cheaper than commercial vacuums.  They are designed for occasional home use and feature weaker motors to keep cost down.   Some models include HEPA filters but are usually only a single layer again to reduce cost.  It is not uncommon for us hear from office managers on the multiple vacuums they have gone thru and the added cost involved.

Commercial vacuums are built for daily continuous use.  Powerful motors create greater suction to provide a superior cleaning you cannot achieve with cheap department store vacs.  Our vacuums feature multiple HEPA filters to insure  dust particles are kept to an absolute minimum as we clean.  We can clean a large area quickly and efficiently due to the larger collection bags and overall machine design.  To put it simply, we use the right tool to get the job done right.  Examples of some of vacuums we use include:

  • Pro Team backpack vac- (hard surface floors, low pile carpet)  A very versatile vacuum relying on its extremely strong suction power, it is perfect for hardwood, tile, stone and laminate.  There is no agitator brush to damage floor finish.  It is useful on high areas and window blinds as well.
  • Uprights- (low, medium and high pile carpet) The commercial uprights we use are used exclusively on carpet.
  • NSS Pacer 30- (large area carpeting) The big gun in our arsenal.  With a 30″ cleaning path this beast can handle the largest of carpeted areas.  It boasts two powerful electric motors; one for the vacuum and one for the brush.  Capable of cleaning 19,000 square feet an hour, we can handle the largest of jobs.

Commercial hard surface floors require periodic upkeep.  For this we have a buffer and a burnisher.  The buffer is a cleaning companies workhorse.  It is used to scrub, strip and buff floors.  Our burnisher is used for adding a high quality final shine to your floor.

floor stripping

Our other tools include microfiber cloth rags and mops, tools for window cleaning,  cleaning of walls and cleaning of restrooms.  An item often forgotten by do-it-yourself cleaning programs is a wet floor sign.  Unfortunately, we live in sue happy world.  Forgetting to set out wet floor signs while mopping a floor can be a very costly mistake.


Storage and use of cleaning products is potentially dangerous.  Many cleaning products sold in grocery stores contain bleach and ammonia.  Accidental mixing of these chemicals produces toxic chloramine vapor.  Onsite storage of cleaning chemicals must also include a safety data sheet for emergency response personnel to adequately deal with hazardous situations.  This is an OSHA requirement for business and non-profits.   We use green cleaning products when ever possible.  These products don’t contain ammonia, bleach or harmful chemicals.  We cannot completely go green, so some chemicals used in restrooms and floor stripping do contain potentially harmful chemicals.  An SDS sheet can be provided if onsite storage is required.


Your employees do not have vested interest in the overall quality of added cleaning duties.  We do!  Another issue to consider is what product to use and how to use it.  Whether to spray the rag or spray directly on the surface to be cleaned.  Knowing how to clean is often more important than just knowing  what to clean with.