Color Coded Cleaning System

Is your current janitorial staff using the same color rag for all areas of cleaning?  How would you know if they are following protocol for your safety by preventing cross contamination?  At S & W Peterson you will see that we are looking out for your well being.  We use a color coded system to prevent cleaning towels used in your bathroom from being used in other areas of the house.  Our towel and mop colors determines where they will be used.


  • Blue– Multipurpose, used to dust and damp wipe horizontal and vertical services.   Never used in restrooms or food prep areas.
  • Yellow– Bathroom counter-tops, areas above waist level in restrooms.  Never on toilets or urinals.
  • Red– Used to clean toilets and urinals
  • Black– Stainless Steel
  • Green– Food preparation areas
  • Pink– High & low dusting



  • Blue– General common areas
  • Red– Restrooms

Microfiber cloth is used because of its durability and ability to attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles.  This provides superior cleaning and a healthier home or work environment.